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Sítio Espinheiro Negro has two suites with the necessary confort for the rest of its visitors, one for 3 people (one double bed and a single bed) and one for 4 people (one double bed and a bunk bed). The rooms area equipped with:

  • Box beds;

  • Frigobar

  • TV with open channels

  • Fan;

  • Amenities.

* Tres das suites estão equipadas com frigobar.


Espinheiro Negro has a living salon where visitors can meet each other and consult different books and bird guides arrenged in the salon. All meals offered are served in this space.


During the visit you are offered three excellent meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals may be included in the accomodation package or served separately. Luch and dinner are prepared with some organic foods produced on Espinheiro Negro, and delicious desserts are also included.

Drinks are served separately.


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